Wave Hair Brush

Wave Hair Brush

Diane #8167 Wave Hair Brush Black/negro

Diane 100% Boar Soft Wave Hair Brush

The Diane Soft Boar Wave hair Brush is made with 100% soft boar bristles and a black wood finish. Advanced implantation technology reduces bristle loss. Its soft bristle texture is gentle on sensitive scalps. Great for forming and maintaining wave styles, it’s ideal for short cuts and fades and works best for finer to medium hair.

100% Boar Soft Wave hair Brush
Forms & maintains wave styles
Ideal for shorter cuts & fades
Best for finer to medium hair

Steps to Create The Perfect wave Pattern wave hair brush

1. Cut hair down to the desire level you want to start you waving it,Wrap head with a warm towel, let sit for one minute, this will swell hair follicle and create movement making hair easier to form wave pattern. then that you use a special brush to brush the hair on top of the head forward and starting from the vertex (aka crown, back of top of the head). Then, you must brush the hair on the sides of the head (at an angle towards the front) and the hair on the back of the head (in a downwards motion).

2. wave hair brush to brush hair to form desire pattern

3. fellow by wave cap or du-rag.



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