Spice Things up By Having a Foot Fetish

Spice Things up By Having a Foot Fetish

Feet are probably the most commonly fetishized body that is non-sexual, Both Elvis Presley and Andy Warhol had been both thought to have foot fetish, therefore you’re in good business if foot are your thing.

Then take a read of our recent post Below the Ankles – Foot Fetish Basics if you’re new to the feet scene. In the event your kink or your partner’s kink is foot and you’re wondering exactly how you are able to spice your foot worship game, then continue reading.

A foot fetish comes in several various kinds, and that’s why it is so essential to be explicit by what you prefer and that which you don’t.

As soon as you’ve talked things over, exploring this kink together could be this kind of experience that is exciting.

Leg Kissing

Leg kissing can be quite a way that is great introduce foot into the sex-life, begin exploring together everything you both like and so are more comfortable with. Kissing can, of course, lead to nibbling and licking which is often really sensual experience, particularly true for ladies, who don’t have the phallic gear to get a blowjob. Decide to try drawing the feet and operating your tongue in the middle them to offer any foot fetishist the chills.

Take a look at our post ‘From Blowjob to Worship’ for many recommendations that submit an application for foot worship simply the exact same: Glance at your spouse, invest some time, show aesthetically and audibly you are doing that you enjoy what. You’d be amazed what a significant difference it generates once you simply lick someones legs – after which you lick all of them with all your care and love – ha! That’s where in actuality the secret occurs.

Foot Therapeutic Massage

You could be thinking “Everyone enjoys a foot therapeutic therapeutic massage, what’s kinky about this? ” Well then a foot massage can be very arousing and a nice way to relax and pamper each other if feet are your thing or your partner’s. Talk it out and discover what element of the feet you prefer massaged the most.

A foot shower ahead of a base therapeutic massage is additionally great foreplay for those of you whom don’t like smelly legs


Tickling could be a fun way to tease your lover, even though this isn’t for folks who are extremely ticklish. Start thinking about trying this bound, of course together with your word that is safe ready hand. Making use of props like feathers can add on sensations that are new or annoyance – whatever you might be targeting.

Leg Spanking and Whipping

Yep, spanking – not only for underneath after all. For folks who enjoy it rougher, foot spanking – either bare handed or with props such as for instance paddles could be enjoyable. Tiny floggers are really a great means for a various feel on effect play. Just be sure you begin gradually – legs, particularly the soles, are extremely extremely delicate areas. Don’t smack the cane down on them on time one. When. Ouch.


For many individuals whom enjoy foot, getting a pedicure that is professional you with touchable and quite often irresistible foot but why don’t you pose a question to your partner to give the therapy, permitting them to select your nail color and certainly enjoy the feet.

If getting a pedicure does it for you personally, start thinking about sharing the joy with toys like vibrators and cock bands to obtain your spouse stimulated too. Great tip for Dom(me)s with pedicure fetish who like their subs to be always a small bit hornier than usual.

Leg Jobs

This “simply” means stimulation regarding the penis with foot, or for ladies stimulation regarding the clitoris frequently due to their partner’s heel. It is possible to fully grasp this started by playing a footsie that is little the dining room table. Lots of men you rub their penis between both soles – like making fire like it when. Or put your toes around their shaft. Great leg exercise too over a extended time frame. Lube can be your buddy right here.

Key tip: a lot of men don’t dare in the future over their partner’s foot once they begin opening for them about their foot fetish. Going for authorization to come – and on occasion even telling them to take action, may be a massive switch on and acquire you extra brownie points.

Sexy Footwear

There are plenty things you are able to explore right here and undoubtedly countless various footwear designs, from footwear shopping together, to sex with heels on, donning sexy footwear will make you feel confident and pairs well with sexy underwear. And remember, each their own – some will destroy for tennis socks, other people for over-the-knee college woman design and while others for fancy lace stockings. Fishnet is a vintage too.

BDSM and Leg Worship

Bringing legs to your usual BDSM play can actually spice things up. Doms might wish to ask their subs to add some of the above guidelines into playtime. The best part is the fact that it is possible to have fun with most of the above very sensually – or very rough – with regards to the mood associated with day. I am going to allow you to use your very own imagination here ??

There’s no right or incorrect solution to explore your foot fetish provided that it does not hurt anybody and everyone else included consents. Maybe you’ll try a few things away, and also you understand it is perhaps not for you personally, that’s ok too. My tip that is biggest of most is always to talk freely in what you like and don’t, but the majority of most simply enjoy.

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