Here’s how clients can use the chatbot on to find information about problem solutions for barbers, hairstylists, nail technicians, beauticians, and the whole cosmetology industry:

  1. Go to the chatbot page: Visit to access the chatbot.
  2. Start a conversation: Click on the “Start a conversation” button to initiate the chat.
  3. Ask a question: Clients can ask questions related to problem solutions for the cosmetology industry. For example, they could ask “What are the best products for treating dry hair?” or “How can I improve my hairstyling skills?”
  4. Get a response: The chatbot will respond with information and recommendations based on its training data. The response should be relevant, informative, and brief.

Note: It’s important to remind clients that the chatbot is not a substitute for professional advice, but rather a tool to help them find information and make informed decisions.